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We pride ourselves in delivering friendly, reliable and knowledgeable services to all of our patients.

At Montclair Vision Services we take the time to make things right. Dr. Friedman is certified in the therapeutic management of ocular disease. We perform retinal photography to document eye problems.

  • At Montclair Vision Services, our patients' visual needs are our top priority. We spend the time necessary to teach patients how to wear and care for their contact lenses, whether they are beginners or updating to bifocal lenses.

  • A large assortment of contact lenses- from all the major contact companies- featuring lenses such as, Bausch & Lomb Ultra  Multifocals, Asitigmatic,BioTrue One Day and many more! Montclair Vision Services is also able get emergency contact lenses, should a patient need them, in a short amount of time (usually 24 hours).

  • A variety of frame selections at reasonable prices- including Eco, Modo, Lightweight TR90 Material, Titanium Frames and many others. In addition, many options of lenses are available to meet patients' visual requirements and to accommodate frame selections. In such instances that multiple pairs of glasses are required or desired, discounts are available

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